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I created this website without the "accept payment" option. Doh! It costs a lot to upgrade (money we can spend on the farm) and is a pain to upgrade- to sell online. If you see it and want it- send me a screen shot or a simple message via email by clicking the "order the cool stuffs now"-link right here!" I'll invoice you., you pay, I ship! US orders only!
Easy Peasy! Payment via PayPal unless other arrangement are made.
Barefoot Hippie Mama

We strive to provide local, handmade artisan products. We believe in natural living and will use sustainable products that are eco- friendly and health conscious.


Reusable Products

Coming Soon

Stainless Children's Cups


Reusable Bamboo Cutlery


Handmade Locally Sourced
Bee Wax Wraps

Diy beeswax wraps 🌻_🐝_🌻_🍃_🐝_Class r