Barefoot Hippie Homesteading events are held at our farm in Lebanon, Ohio, at our farm co-op (JJJ Farm) in Springboro, Ohio, at the Morrow Arts Center @TheStudio room#23, and at various properties in SW Ohio in conjunction with One Earth Collaborative. We understand that community is so very important so we collaborate with others to offer the potential for productive and educational gatherings.


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March 21, at Fresh To Morrow 1 pm

A small gathering hosted by Ryan and Megan Doan Owners of "Fresh To Morrow," in their new cafe.

Ryan has created a special "Chef Tasting Menu" for this event, with vegan and gluten free options. All locally grown!

We will enjoy lunch and a true "farm to table" conversation with Ryan and Megan and with guest host Mandy Palmer of Barefoot Hippie Homesteading. Meet local farmers and CSA operators, ask questions, network and support local family owned businesses.

"We want to provide fresh food options as well as meals and grab and go items highlighting our produce and other local businesses that share similar values. Our produce is not sprayed with any harmful chemicals and we preserve everything that doesn’t sell fresh. We try to tread lightly on the land and are thankful for all that God provides to us, so we don’t want to waste a single drop of the goodness!
Let's talk about the relationship food has in all our lives - starting with the seeds we plant, all the way to the food we put in our mouth. Good Food brings everyone together so let's share ideas, gardening tips, cooking tips, ways we can support local businesses, sustainability, and eat some delicious homegrown food!"

Reservations are required for this intimate gathering.

$25 setting includes gift from @Barefoot Hippie Homesteading

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Walk In Celebration!

We have a lot to Celebrate and want you to Celebrate with us AND get a chance to meet some fantastic people 
FREE Crafts, Food, Massages, and herbal lessons! PLUS there's food  and much more.
The Studio has been Collaborating with some extraordinary people and want you to meet them.
Our community is so important to us!
Our mission is to bring people together, join us to learn how we are doing that, and how you can be apart of it too!


Budding Herbalist Workshop

Class Held At The Studio in the Morrow Arts Center Rm 23 April 16th 6pm

Spring is the perfect time to begin this year's "Budding Herbalist" Apothecary series! Each class we focus on 2 locally grown or harvested plants! We will touch, taste, AND create with the plants!
Think tonics and tinctures, salves, herbal teas, and more!
Our April class will focus on the incredible properties of Violets & Dandelions!
Bring a water bottle and I'll provide the instructional and 2 hands on projects!
this class is held in room #23 @The Studio in the Morrow Arts Building. Enter DOOR #1.
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Earth Day Celebration Thursday, April 22 10 am Harmon Park, Lebanon

Community Makes A Difference!

We are looking for Volunteers that want to participate in our first Annual clean-up event! 
This year we would like to get our hands dirty and help clean up the bike trail and Harmon Park in Lebanon OH.
Lets give back to our beautiful community and our planet by teaching our kids the importance of cleaning up litter!
We will start at The baseball fields and make our way to Harmon Park collecting garbage on the way!
Once we get to the Park there will be a craft table for the kiddos to Learn about Upcycling and Recycling !
We encourage you to pack a lunch or bring snacks!
We are offering T-shirts for a $25 donation to anyone that is interested. Link in SHOP for Tshirts

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Moms and Mimosas

2 sessions 10-12 & 1-3 @ The Studio at Morrow Arts Center

Lets celebrate the women in our lives!
We want to pamper you and your +1 with:
Delicious food and mimosas
10 minute Massages with Back to Basic Kneads
DIY herbal skincare you can make and take home with Barefoot Hippie Homesteading
And a make and take craft where you build a beautiful flower crown with our Artist and teacher Mai.
The price includes you AND your plus 1
Upon check out click "local pick up" under the shipping tab. You'll not be charged a shipping fee. Message directly with any questions! 2 time frames listed upon checkout! $70 for you and Plus 1


Budding Herbalists

Lemon Balm & Mint

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Our second spring class introduces us to lemon balm and mint! 
we will discuss growing, harvesting, benefits and create at least 2 hands on items to add to our apothecary!
bring your own mug and we will enjoy herbal tea while we create and learn!
everyone who attends will take home a plant or seed!


Kids Farm School and Apothecary

July 15. 22, 29th

Our summer classes for kids are open for registration!
Kids Farm School & Apothecary
July 15, 22, 29th
9-noon $145 / $25 Deposit 

Barefoot Hippie Homesteading
"Farm School"
A nature program to enrich and nurture the growing seeds in children!
We focus on herbs, flowers, animals and music.
Children build their own apothecary and create lasting memories through art, song and play!
Each day an instructor guided nature art lesson incorporated with our herbal lessons.
Harvesting straight from the gardens for tastings and sun tea making!


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