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Barefoot Garden Designs and Consultations

Learn valuable skills to become more self sufficient.

BAREFOOT GARDEN DESIGNS AND CONSULTATIONS Learn valuable skills to become more self sufficient. 🌿 Now scheduling for 2023 Barefoot Garden Design and Homestead consultations. 🌱 Not sure what or where to plant? You'd just love culinary and medicinal herbs, flowers and veggies but no clue how to begin. Want some help creating your own homestead? Design a potager or kitchen garden to fit your needs. How about nurturing a diverse polyculture ecosystem with healthy companion plants? Imagine implementing positive growth and beautiful land aesthetics, while supporting pollinators and wildlife. ♻️ From fruit tree guilds, to kitchen gardens, edible landscaping, soil health, composting systems to herbal tea gardens and chicken coops, medicinal herbs, luffa and elderberry, flowers to heirloom veggies, and culinary herbs, pollinator gardens- Using biodiverse organic growing and permaculture designs, let's start growing food and medicine- not just lawns! 🌻 Barefoot Hippie Homesteading can help guide you along the path. New to gardening and feeling a lil lost, or just looking for some needed direction? I'm honored to be part of this journey with you. Support your home, children's growth and learning environment, family, nutrition, health, community and earth- while forming a functional biodiverse environment. I've been so fortunate to help guide so many families to begin growing or to implement new ideas for continued sustainability. 🌍 Your path to a more intentional and mindful life begins with you. It starts with your conscious efforts. What better way than with growing your own food? 🌿 We can talk about your needs and wants and your realistic goals. I'll help by continually guiding you as we design your ideal spaces. ☀️ Send me a message for specific pricing and inquiries! I have traveled to Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and even offer online and phone consultations.

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Your dreams can become reality

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Let's Do THis!

Please be specific with your location and needs to obtain the most accurate quote for our services!

Thanks for submitting! We’ll send you a price quote soon.

About The Design Process

Barefoot Hippie Homesteading

Full Design & Layout Consultation

These services are quoted on travel time and distance and extensivity of design. Prices begin at $425.00

We explore your wants and needs and realistic goals. We set a date to meet in person, I send out a questionnaire that offers me a brief overview of what your family is looking to accomplish, we explore your wants and needs and realistic goals as well as your time commitments or restraints etc. I come to your home and survey the land, take photos and we meet for one - 2 hours to discuss ideas for medicinal and culinary herbs, kitchen or potager gardens, vegetable gardens for harvesting and storing, sunlight and bed placements, fruit tree guilds, composting, mulch and soil, water catch systems and drip lines, animal husbandry (including livestock, bees, chickens etc) we will talk about how to create the homestead that best suits the needs of your family. I will then create a simple computerized or hand drawn design. This along with a plant list will be emailed within 10-14 days. It will include any plants that I can obtain for you and the price list. There is no obligation to purchase. 

Online live Consultation with design support

These sessions begin at $200.00 and are determined on extensivity of design and needs.

We meet for an online facetime or zoom style session for no less than one hour. You will submit property photos, completed questionnaire, address so land and ariel maps can be obtained. We review the wants and needs you have and if possible, you "walk" me though your property. I can offer support on all the general topics I provide in the in-person consult. You can either take notes or this can be transcribed to you. A printed or drawn garden design and plants list can be added. The idea is to offer a consultation to discuss placement of gardens and plants, companion plants, and needs although distance may be an issue. 

In-person Consult

1-2 Hours $165.00

This session is perfect for someone wanting new perspective to their growing space or beginner growers to learn more about edible landscaping, food forestry, companion planting, permaculture and organic growing. During our consult we will discuss a range of topics including:

Your personal needs, intentions, and goals

Soil Types and Mulching

Planting layout for vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits

Proper Placement for in ground or raised beds by evaluating sun, wind, water and accessibility.

Sources to obtain your materials.

How It Works:

Book a date for your consult.

An initial questionnaire is sent to gauge your interests and plans, the reason for my visit and it’ll decide the main topics for review.

Make Notes. Plan on asking questions, writing notes and sketching plans.  

 A 1-2 hour on-site visit to view your space and gardens, talk about your visions for your space, discuss all notes you have made prior to my visit, to go over all topics you need assistance with.

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