Mandy Palmer




"Unbeknownst to me as a maiden, middle age would approach so swiftly. How oblivious of myself when my own children grew so quickly? Im emboldened by the strength I've gained during this journey. Such inherent knowledge comes from experience, not always a wanted gift but one adorned with wisdom-the twine that binds it together, taut. I have lived through love, sorrow, hope, and fear, growing insightful and confident. With these encounters I have the seen the faces of life and death. I am often misconstrued as arrogant, yet its my self assurance that increases my faith in myself but in God first and foremost. This isn't an intentional menace to others. Though it seems time and again, it is. I no longer accept the responsibility of explanation to those who have no will of understanding. That too is a benevolence tied tightly with a bow of courage.
I may not yet have the appearance of a crone but the subtle minutes turn to days and days to years showing the fine lines of this passage."

Mandy Palmer



"I care for the earth and I'm always looking for ways to treat her better" Mandy Palmer

(Barefoot Hippie Momma)


Hello, Im Mandy. This spot is where I get to obsess over plants in a few different ways! Organic gardening, permaculture, herbal medicine, holistic health (mind, body, and spirit) as well as a crazy houseplant addiction! We are first generation farmers raising chicken for meat and eggs, goats and bees. I love using natural, less toxic chemicals in our home and have some great and practical ways for you to transition as well.


"Enjoy the best things in your life, cause you aint gonna live it twice"

Mac Miller



Come work in the gardens, planting and harvesting and youll go home with product, veggies, herbs, flowers! Ill put you to work for sure, but you wont leave empty handed!


"She lifts her skirt up to her knees walks through the garden rows with her bare feet laughing"

Ray Lamontagne