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Our First Year On The Homestead

We've been in our home a little over a year now. We've rooted and made it ours.

Within 4 months of moving in we had made drastic changes. We had high hopes and really no clue, to make our small plot into a functional homestead.

Through every season we have learned more. Where does the sunshine through the leaves? Where the yard floods. Which is the sunnies spots and which area we may as well never grow in. I think we will continue to learn as time goes by. New skills to dive into and the adventures of the CSA and the new people in our lives. We have a new buckling and are getting him a girlfriend! Milk, eventually! Our bees coming, the new batch of meat birds and egg layers are hriving.. all positive and sometimes unbelievable blessings.

Sometimes I am very overwhelmed. I worry about "what ifs"... I also second guess. Then, I look at all our beautiful pictures. The progress. How we started with a clean slate and built this homestead into our dream. Honestly, I can't believe this is my life. Simple and chaotic. Yep ✌

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