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This weeks "skinny"

What a week...

Spring is here and it brings this giant sigh of relief. I am not a fan of the winter. I'm tired of the cold and yearn for dandelions and green grass.

I held an amazing workshop just today at Grassroots Wellness Center. It covered a lot of material and was super fun. I think in future I'd prefer to hone it in a bit more s really focus on 1-2 topics.

Overall, I'm happy with the turn out and already planning the schedule for upcoming months, to include a compost class, ferments, and toxic free kitchens!

We purchased our first batch of spring meat birds. That's always fun for the kiddos. The birds will hopefully be transitioning into the outdoors right as the weather starts breaking. Meat birds (cornish x) actually do quite well free ranging. I'll go into fermented feeds and more about the birds

in upcoming blogs.

We are starting our egg/veggies stand production tomorrow. We hope to have it completed in the next week. We were blessed and sold every dozen of eggs we had! I've met some great people interested in purchasing weekly which just allows us to put back into the farm and our needs.

I'm working on a lot of items to add to the "store" and market and look forward to sharing those with y'all, soon!

My eco-friendly kitchen kits are my favorite! They make great gifts but also are a good starting point for eliminating plastics and incorporating reusable items.

Please, DM with interest but I will post more detailed info soon.

Thanks for following along. Your messages of encouragement and support are so appreciated! ✌~Mandy (barefoot.hippie.mama)

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