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Summertime and the livin is easy!

My favorite season is hot and right upon us! I could go for a little less humidity but hot damn, I love it! ❤Summer❤

Our mini farm has bounced back from the massive rains. A bit behind from last year bit we ARE indeed thriving! We pulled over 50 garlic bulbs last week and our first tomato!

We purchased a few more baby chicks to liven up the egg color pallet! Our next batch of meatbirds comes beginning of August.

The goats are doing great. Often thinking our young Patsy is pregnant but will wait a little longer to confirm.

The bees are so busy buzzing and pollinating and doing their thang! It's an amazing new hobby watch them work.

My project "raised beds" are a huge hit! I cant wait to add several more over the winter for next season. I look to learn more about cutting wood, better- to make them myself. Sounds easy enough, right? They really are beautiful and have changed the look of the flower beds. Love them. Easy. Less weeds.

Our egg / farm stand has been unnecessary as I cant keep eggs stocked up. They go that fast! Although, I currently have 20 plus birds close to laying-that will definitely change the game.

Our veggies along with those extra eggs will be put out at the egg stand soon!

Market days are awesome! Looking at adding new eco-friendly products to our booth. Our stainless straws and beeswax wraps are our best sellers! I'll be adding some fun baked goods soon. I'll also be bringing "meal kits" as soon as the veggies start producing more. So often shoppers see such amazing veggies at the markets but they dont know how to use them! I'll be putting together little "kits" with recipies. The same as I do for our CSA! Which is going to be great this year!

I'm co-hosting an incredible workshop next week in Marietta, Ohio. My friend has a beautiful yoga studio and has invited me to join her. Studio O-Y-O. I'll be discussing our life, farm and herbs. We will be making salves, and herbal mixes. Discussing Ayurvedic practices and testing yummy foods! We are currently Sold Out for the workshop but email us if you'd like to be placed on a "wait list."

Life is busy, so damn busy. Each day I try to take the time to stop, look, feel, smell.. take it all in. What a precious gift.

Hope you're enjoying your summer! ✌




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