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Que Marvin Gaye...

'Cause we totally "gettin it on" around the homestead!

We acquired Patsy, a beautiful blue-eyed Nigerian dwarf from a farmer friend of ours. She and Hans have had a time getting to know one another. As you can see in the pic things are going quite well.

We still have Hazel and Earl our larger nubian /Boer mixes. We want to rehome them but for now, they're still here. Screaming for treats and biting my boobs when Iean in to feed them.

We have a lil Pygmy girl we will be bringing in the beginning of May! Hope to have lots of babies and MILK soon.

We are painting our beehive as we prep for the bees.

Dad has started building additional raised boxes for me and he's cutting the frame for the "egg stand " we will have out front. I'm so excited to see that finished!

The fall garlic looks amazing. Our onions sprouting and carrots in. I'm planting tons more flowers and herbs today. I love getting the gardens set up. There is something about spring that fills me with the excitement of what's to come!

Hope you're all planting and prepping to grow too!

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