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Oh yeah. Blog 

It's been well over a month since my last confession. I mean blog. I'm laying in bed at 3 am with heartburn and anxiety and thought, "okay, good time to share?"

Busy. That's the only way I can describe our life here. I lie. Drowning fits better.

Ohio has had so much rain that its completely affected the crops. Its affected our gardens and the lives of our animals. However, I'm not just drowning in rain water. I'm drowning in "stuff to do". I am one of those people who have to have a sense of organization and without it there is no good foundation for everything else. I've learned that's a really tricky thing here on our farm. So, we work our butts off day in and out. Trying to build and grow and teach and have some sense of "normalcy " with our family.

Truth is, are just winging it. More truth, it scares the shit outta me.

1.5 years into this lil homestead and outside looking in I suppose it IS incredible.

Living it, I often do step back and just take it in. Knowing that I have to truly live it instead of just work at it because if I'm not then what's the purpose?

There is always a project. A "to-do". We set a few deadlines and said, "after this we take a break". I'd like that. To sit at night by the fire. Relax. Yeah, that sounds mighty good.

So, we've been busy.

I'm glad I'm learning my limitations. I've got a few great workshops planned. I've sadly not updated my website in weeks. I'll try to get that caught up this next week.

I'd like to start hosting more classes here. It would be fun to work hands-on with people and not be pressed for time. Comfort and ease of my own space. It's a goal. We will see.

I need to start making and creating again. I'll update the shop soon too.

That's just a lil nutshell of what's been going on. Life. In all its beautiful chaos.

Gardens (what's been planted) are growing. I have a feeling our flowers are going to be spectacular. I pray so. I love my exhausting life. Thanks for hanging around to watch it unfold.

Mandy *yawn*

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