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It's 2019, What do you mean you "homestead?"

These are the small items that mean so much that we will save for our 6 girls
A vintage apron handed down to my husband from his Mamaw

It certainly is not the norm to talk about homesteading these days. I think there is a great misconception of what exactly a homestead is. No, we did not take part in some giant wild west land rush, slinging guns and duking it out to take stake on stolen land. The definition of a homestead is pretty simple. It is a house and it's outbuildings. So, I interpret that as, a home. My dojo. My casa. My pad. My place. Where the heart is. Where I live and eat and sleep. Where I live, laugh and love. My hood. Where I hang my apron and where I kick off my boots. Where I cook, where I play and where I garden. The place my babies grow up and my animals raised. Where I jam tunes and dance barefoot in my kitchen.

When we moved into this house last year our then 2 year old named our home the; Chicken House.

We live at the Chicken House. It is our mini-farm/hobby farm.

Homesteading is a way of life. The "Modern Homesteader." is someone who seeks simplicity and a self-sufficient lifestyle. We learn new skills and trades that benefit our food preservation and can provide textiles, produce, craft work etc for sale/trade/barter. We personally strive to teach our children hands-on skills to educate them in their life journey. You know, the stuff granny used to do.

So let me talk about my homestead. I am a stay at home mama with the exception of hosting self-sustaining and DIY workshops. I am here to provide basic needs for my family. Cleaning, preparing foods and managing our finances, are just a few daily tasks. My goal is always to live with less waste and less toxins in my homes. I engage in animal husbandry (to say that in a sentence is something I never imagine saying but it is true:) and in doing so, I am dedicated to provide for my animals several times a day. Try planing your day around that. Perspective for sure. We raise animals for meat and eggs, and soon cheese. It allows us to live a little more self sufficiently. We are preparing for summer and the farmer's market to sell our garden crops, eggs and handmade items.

In our home we still have electricity. We have internet. We have running water and trash service. Someday, when my home isn't a revolving door of children in and out we will simplify even more to fit our ever-growing skills and needs.

So, that is MY homestead.

Do you need a farm and animals to have a homestead. Nope. You don't have to be a stay at home mom. You don't need to cook foods from scratch or have an acre of organic gardens. You don't need to cook from scratch wearing an apron. Your homestead is your own. There are many people who are really wanting to live a more back to basics and simple lifestyle. To live off their land and gain skills to not have to rely on large corporations to feed their families. We are the Modern Homesteaders.

If you desire to live a life where you are less reliant on grocery stores and want to provide a more natural living environment for your family you can always start by just learning. Support your local farmers. Meet them and ask questions! Shop at local markets and make baby steps to incorporate changes. Plant a garden! Even if its just a few containers of plants. Feel the soil and grow something. Read. Lots. Attend workshops and learn new skills. You may really enjoy it! The next time someone talks about homesteading, engage in conversation. You may be more of a modern homesteader than ya think.

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