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CSA boxes and info!

We have had so many messages regarding our incredible CSA boxes. I knew once I started posting pictures interest would arise.

I mean, they're pretty incredible, hand picked boxes. Organic veggies, handmade items, flowers, herbs, baked goods. Lots of love in each box!

Here's the low-down, we only take a handful of members so I can offer all these awesome items!

We will be opening up our membership again in late winter, early spring.

Next year we will be tweaking our membership.

We will be doing a shorter season. We may do 2 sessions. I'm not sure yet but I want to offer the same incredible service!

I will offer current members the opportunity to enroll prior to releasing spots. Then, I'll set aside extra boxes at a first come, first serve basis.

As of right now I'll be offering extra boxes as they are available! If you're interested in obtaining one, follow my IG @barefoothippiehomesteading

Facebook @ barefoot Hippie homesteading

And subscribe on my website for the latest updates

You'll have all the latest updates!

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