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Beeswax Wraps, huh?

I get it. I assume far too often. Not everyone knows what a beeswax wrap is, and that needs to change. If you are looking for super simple, effective and inexpensive ways to reduce the use of plastics in your home this is an easy start. We no longer use baggies or plastic wrap (cling wrap) in our home. We use beeswax wraps.

What is a beeswax wrap? Well, let me spew a little into some basics:


How to use: Mold wraps around a bowl and warm with your hands. The wrap will take shape. Wraps can be folded to make pouches. You can sew buttons to the wrap and use twine to tie the wrap. Do not use wraps on raw meat product.

· Wrap Sandwiches

· Cover Bowls

· Wrap Cheeses

· Reusable Snack Bags

Pre-made beeswax bars and fabric for DIY workshops and online kits!

· Many More, Just Be Creative!

*To Wash: Use a gentle natural soap like castile soap. Do not use hot water!

*Wraps are good for several months depending on usage. Wraps can be reused and waxed again!

Wraps are biodegradable and compostable!

What makes a Beeswax Wrap:

Beeswax-(preferably locally sourced) A natural antimicrobial that is effective against ecoli, staph and salmonella.

Pine Resin- Antibacterial and antifungal gives the wrap its sticky texture. Comes from pine trees

Copal Resin- Antibacterial again gives the wrap s stickiness to cling. A very gummy resin from various trees. I use a small amount in addition to the pine resin. It isn’t necessary.

Jojoba Oil - A liquid plant wax. Helps smooth the wax and creates a better bind. It also keeps the wax flexible and won’t allow it to chip when folding. Also a great antimicrobial.

Coconut Oil- Same a jojoba it’ll help create more flexibility for the wrap. I never use much as it can leave a greasy film on bowls and jars. This ingredient isn’t necessary just a small amount is an added touch!

100% Pre-washed Cotton Fabric

WHY use? Because it cuts down the amount of waste we use. It changes our habits and forces us to reevaluate. It allows us to use natural products with amazing properties.

Its really easy. If you have any other questions, please let me know! There ARE vegan options as well to making reusable wraps!

I host several workshops on how to make wraps yourself, I sell some awesome wraps in my online shops as well as at the markets. You can purchase DIY kits from my sites to make in your own home.I am also looking to set up one on one Skype classes to learn "how to" with the wraps and other workshops I offer. I will post a more detailed blog soon! It really is easy and makes a huge difference!

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