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Bees, Babies and Beginnings

We ordered our bees! I have never been more nervous about taking on a new skill, as I am with bees! It's not the fear of getting stung. It has nothing to do with that. Ok, maybe that would suck too. I'm afraid of failing and killing them. I really think I'm overthinking it all but as with anything new we take on, it takes research and just learning. We pick them up April 26th!

We brought home a baby goat today! His name is Hans and he is a 1 month old Nigerian dwarf. Our goats dislike him and since they're much bigger and aggressive,he is currently in my bathroom as we make shift a place for him in the barn, until tomorrow. Did I mention it's a torrential downpour as I type this out?

Wine me.

New beginnings. Since I started this website, blog, and social media pages I have been just so blessed with the positive responses from friends! People have sent pictures showing me changes they have implemented in their homes and Im so excited to be able to plant seeds and encourage positive change! I am loving all of it, I just wish I could do more in a days time! I have so many blog ideas and DIYs I am so excited to introduce new items to the shop and unveil some really great finds! I have been planning workshops and will be uploading new events for two locations, Lebanon and Dayton, Ohio! I am also planning to host some smaller classes here, in my guest home. We have opened up our CSA and will have information available by tomorrow.

Busy, busy spring.

Please, email me with questions or to purchase any items from our shop. I didn't set up our website with the intentions of selling directly and I'm kicking myself for that.

Thanks y'all ✌Barefoot Hippie Mama

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