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Barefoot Mama's weekly low down.

I uploaded my wraps to the shop and sold them so quickly! Thank you all for your support! Luckily, I have tons more so I am going to keep cranking these out. We are filling out festival/market app's now to include selling our products at different events! I will hopefully be working with a great partner who specializes in amazing tinctures and tonics and herbal concoctions!

I'm looking forward to having a great season! I've been prepping to add beeswax candles, body butters, and get this-

Eco-friendly starter kits, to the shop! I'll be focusing on kitchen and bath kits. I'll even have custom baskets available. So stoked!

I've been asked to participate in The Wellness Lounge "Open House" in May! I'll be hosting a giant Bath Salts DIY Bar! That is going to be a blast! Details to come!

My Herbal Apothecary Workshop is scheduled for Saturday, March 23! This is an amazing 3 hour class held at Grassroots Wellness Center in Dayton. I am so excited for this class. Class description:

Herbal Apothecary

*Adult Workshop Grassroots Wellness Center

 Saturday, March 23, 10:00 am- 1:00 pm 3 hour session

 Cost $25.00 Includes refreshments

10:00 - 11:00 am - Food is Medicine. We will discuss identification, growing of indoor and outdoor herbs, how to cultivate, dry and store for optimal beneficial uses. We will share recipes and concoct your own mix of natural, organic spices to use in your kitchen! You will plant organic herb seeds in a biodegradable container to start your own indoor garden. You will also package herb seeds for spring planting.

11:00-11:30 am We will break for healthy snacks provided by *Barefoot Hippie Homesteading

11:30 am -1:00 pm Our second portion of the workshop discusses herbal uses for skin, detoxification and the benefits of herbs for burns, first aid, scrapes and natural antibiotic properties. Herbal infused oils and salves are healing and nourishing topical applications. You will learn the difference of salves and butters as you make your own calendula infused oil and local beeswax healing salve. A great addition to any natural medicine cabinet. We will wrap up our session customizing our own bath salts using dried herbs, flowers and essential oils.

Contact Grassroots for ticket reservations!

I would love to book your "in home" get together! Check out the Services tab, and see how I can help plan your next event!

We are still planting seeds for the upcoming season. I've decided to learn and experiment more with raised beds. So in addition to all our gardens, Mr. Barefoot is helping me construct some raised beds. I have a perfect, sun-filled spot right near one of my pear trees. I want to test out some largerscale container planting there as well. Learning as I go, right?

My hens are laying like crazy. We have offered porch pick-up for our eggs and hope local friends and family will stop by. We hope to have the Egg Stand completed in a few weeks! We've already had great interest in our CSA. Please, email me with any questions or interest.

I'm going to leave you with a challenge.

I'd love for you to think of one way you can eliminate waste or be more mindful of your carbon footprint. Then for this week implement that change! Reducing plastic use or eating out less. Maybe you'll ride your bike or walk to work. Buy reusable shopping bags or just opt for plastic at the grocery. Even just eliminating plastic produce bags is huge!

Follow me on IG: @barefoothippiehomesteading as we #eliminatewastewednesday

And share your ideas and actions with me!

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