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Barefoot Hippie Mama's weekly updates!

I've been thinking of prompts and ideas to write about. I figured I talk a lots so why not just share what's been going on during the week here, each Friday? It'll be my weekly "Dear Diary" just hopefully not that cheesy.

We have been busy planting seeds and prepping for spring! I'll post pics of our grow area soon. It's always a reminder of how incredible it is growing food from seed. Seeing those little peeks of green, from a teenie seed, grow to be as tall as I am! It never ceases to amaze me!

I decided little chicks are super cute but when it's so cold outside I'd prefer to wait until they can be outdoors to raise. If I could just buy hens ready to lay and never worry about months of "chick days" I think that would be super.

I've been working on products for my online shop. I'll carry my beeswax wraps and kits for sure but several other handmade items as well as new "eco friendly" kitchen and bath items.

Tomorrow, I will be hosting my first workshop at the Wellness Lounge. We are dedicated to giving back to our community and having other like-minded, small businesses owners providing great information- just makes it that much more exciting! I'll also have a few wraps and hopefully other items on the shelves there to purchase. Until then, message me with any interest!

I've been busy, which is good. But I'm struggling. I'm really ready for winter to take a hike. They say winter (for gardeners) is the season to work indoors, projects and enjoying a well kept home for when summer comes, it's a wreck. All I know is my house is a disaster. My feet are freezing and I am over it. Bring on the sun! Have a great weekend, friends✌Mandy

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