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All Things Spring

We are in full spring mode here at Barefoot Hippie Homestead. Baby chicks, meat birds, baby goats, bees on their way! The apple and pear trees starting to blossom. The tomato plants are thriving and ready to be planted in the ground. We are waiting a little longer for the last frost to come and go. Not much longer.

We completed the "Egg Stand" and have set it out and are ready for business! My husband did a fantastic job building it. We will have veggie plants and herbs out along with eggs. Flowers a'growing and will be added soon. A huge dream of mine to have a little "road side" stand!

Our CSA memberships have had tons of interest and we still have a couple spots left.

I have been experimenting with plants I have never really grown or grown well. I am setting aside a sunny spot to allow room to do a ton of container planting and learning this year. Our raised beds for the front are set and we will fill with organic

compost and leaf humus soil as soon as the rain stops. They too are experiments for us. Our garlic is growing so beautifully. Kicking myself that I did not plant more. Next fall I have vowed for 5 times as many and different variety.

I have met some truly amazing people in the last week. I visited another farm market and have high hopes to collaborate with them to offer the community some fun workshops! Things are really progressing for us and I don't think I could be happier. It brings my heart such joy and peace. So often we are searching for peace and to have it is pretty incredible. As I have pointed out before, blogging is all very new to me. I like to look at it as an online diary. It gives me a chance to look back at the seasons and refresh my ever fading memory. I do intend on doing more in-depth and hands on posts. For now, this is my start. I thank ya for supporting and following along.

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