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40 year old virgin.

Hazel and Goldie

Ok, so not really a "virgin". Not like that.

I am Mandy. I am 40 years old and I have never, ever written a "blog".

I know. It's true though. I have had this website for a few weeks now. I open my laptop. I shake my head, intimidated... and shut my laptop. My grammar stinks. I am not a writer. I use far too many commas and run-on sentences. So, I think about all the ways I can screw this up. Then, I think "geeze, who really cares?" I post to facebook, daily. I am always sharing pics on the IG. Why am I so nervous to write a blog on my own website? Im gonna jump in. Im going to share our journey here on our mini-farm. Im going to screw up and misspell and not spellcheck and tell you about our life, what works for us. How we do things. Im going to share tips, and hacks. Ill tell you about large blended family life. I share about our livestock and animal husbandry. Im gonna share recepies. Ill show you pics of our life and our farm. Im gonna gloat at my amazing thrift finds. Probably, a lot. I may bitch a little too, but I promise to really restrain on the language because as I am now 40, I am trying really hard to network and really "get out there" and the foul mouth isnt always welcomed, wanted or even necessary. So, Ill save it for the right time and place. Im going to share with you my life. The good, the bag, the ugly and the real. I hope you stick around. I make no promises but I guarantee you might get a good laugh at least.

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