Barefoot Hippie Homesteading is now an affiliate of Mountain Rose Herbs!

What does that mean exactly?

Mountain Rose is excited to support our passion for sharing green lifestyles, herbalism, and healthy eating!

If you purchase thru our link

We receive a percentage of total sales over a certain benchmark. Yes, we grow and sell herbs! But, we don't grow and sell everything!

This company is amazing and can offer many products that we can't. Soooo many.

But here's the awesome part! ALL proceeds that Barefoot Hippie Homesteading earns from our affiliate program, all 100% will go directly back to our community! in food baskets, education and needs of those who need it!

You'll see more posts soon with incredible recipies and how-tos!

For now, click the link and browse. Feel free to ask any questions. This is very new for us but I am excited for the possibilities!